The Computer Committee is made up of three individuals with either professional experience or a strong personal interest in computers and technology.  It is one of the Church's "newest" committees, coming into formal existence just a few years ago.   Our mission is to support the needs of the Church from a computer technology standpoint.   The need for a separate committee reflects the increasing role of technology in our society and, by extension, in our Church as well.  


Many members may not realize or appreciate how many critical Church tasks rely on technology for efficient and timely completion and how much of our important data is now kept and managed in digital format.  The Church Secretary, Pastor, and Stewardship and Finance Committee all rely heavily on our computer and various software applications to perform their regular duties.  


A visible example of the Computer Committee's work is the Church website.  It is not only how a Church member right here in Whitman can get information on what's going on, but how anyone in the world can learn about The First Congregational Church of Whitman!    


If you have ideas on how technology might be used to improve the Church please contact any member of the Committee, mention it to the Pastor, or simply email the Church at  If you have special technology skills we'd like to know that too, and while the Committee is currently "full", we are always looking for folks who might help or assist with a current or future project!