First News



APRIL 2017







America makes up 4.6% of the world's population but are  consuming 80% of the global opioid supply.


What can one person or one church do about this? Come and find out at:


The Southeast Area Missions Committee's Spring forum The Massachusetts Opioid Crisis:

What Do We Know Now? What Do We Do Next? 


There will be a panel of people who will help us answer these questions including:  State Representative Joan Meschino, Hingham School Superintendent Dr. Dorothy Galo, Hingham Police Chief Glenn Olsson, Paul Allen who works for the Methadone Project,  a mother who will share her story regarding the struggles her son has had with addiction.


April 8, 2017 8:30a.m. - 9:00am -Registration 9:00am - 1:00p.m. Program


New North Church 1 Lincoln Street Hingham, MA





(If you would like us to list your birthday or that of your loved ones, please contact the church office by email or phone. Thank you.)




including Colin McLaughlin, grandson of Nancy & George McLaughlin, who is now stationed in Kuwait.  

(If you know of other members or friends in the military, please let us know.)  






Dorothy Brundige, Priscilla Caskin at home; Mildred Iverson;  Jean Jahnke;  Barry & Joan Leavitt;  Jennie Mayer, Life Care Center, W. Bridgewater;  Winnie Robinson & Bud Talpey, All American Assisted Living, Hanson; and Marion Whiting, Braemoor Nursing & Rehab, Brockton.



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Lisa and Paul Pedranti are the proud parents of a baby girl, Nora Grace, who was born in February in Brockton. Nora weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was 18½“. Church members Diane and Mark Iverson are the proud grandparents. Our very best wishes to the entire family! 




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The following young people are preparing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on Sunday, May 7th. Could you keep them in your prayers during this time of preparation?

 The Confirmands are: Dehlia Brundige, Audrey DellaBarba, Makenzie Dudis, Meghan Ford, Tom Ford, Mackenzie LeMieux and Alec Moules.



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The PRE-K & K/G Church School Class would like to invite you, the congregation, to help “Give the Gift of Hope”. They will be donating their “Pennies from Heaven” to Heifer International. A table will be set-up during fellowship so that you can bring them your pennies. Their goal is to raise $800 for the animals they have chosen. Any “Gift from Heaven” is always welcome and appreciated. Help us make a difference! Thank you. 

PreK & K/G






Spring is coming with warmer weather and no snow, we hope, as the women's groups will begin meeting again in April.


Saturday April 1st at 1 pm is the date and time for the Everson Bible Class meeting. Dessert will be served by hostesses Beryl Singleton and Betty Wheeler.

The Chi Kappa meeting is scheduled for Wednesday April 26th at 1 pm.  Winnie Robinson and Beryl Singleton will oversee refreshments.  





Sincere thanks to Pastor Josh and the entire congregation for all your prayers and good thoughts, and to the “Angels” who brought food as I recovered from surgery. I feel great now.

Kathy Talbot




Historically Speaking

Back in the first half of the 20th century the Church Clerk was named Arthur H Lee.  He was an accountant by occupation but he had other talents.  He was good at fixing the leaky bellows on our old pipe organ.  On a Sunday morning if the organ didn't sound right you'd see him charging down the aisle heading for the door to get behind the organ and get things fixed.  The bellows had a big motor downstairs and when the organ was about to play, we could hear that motor come to life.  He was very creative and about 1930 made the beautiful model of our church which we have on display in the front foyer. And, as the clerk he kept very meticulous records of baptisms, deaths, marriages and memberships. in beautiful handwriting. In Mr. Lee's book were the following records concerning people who are currently active in the church.

Among the members received on April 9th,  1939 Easter Sunday were:

Winnie Higgins and Carol Tucker

Five years later on Easter Sunday, again April 9th, were their sisters:

Joanne Higgins and Nancy Tucker

Also found in the book were:

Betty Hatch and Marjorie Terzian in 1946 and Samuel Norton in 1952.

Carol Seward, Historian




The generosity of the FCC church members to the Whitman Food Pantry is amazing! Thank you very much for your support of this important mission project.  Just a note, however, to please check the expiration date on any food products that are being donated. The food pantry is cannot give outdated food to needy families.  Thank you!




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Deacon of the month Gail Clement is ready to assist you for the month of April. Around twenty-three years ago, I walked into the church with my two young children and we were welcomed with open arms. Throughout these years I served in many different capacities and met so many special people including my husband Bruce. I am always busy doing something, from church or family events to camping, walking or just reading a book.

The month of April is an exciting time for our church. Palm Sunday is on the 9th, paving the way to a beautiful Maundy Thursday service on the 13th, all leading to a triumphant Easter Sunday.  For assistance with a concern or any other information needed I can be reached at 617-838-2842 or by email at


The Men’s Breakfast Group is scheduled for Saturday, April 8th at 8:00 AM.  All the men of the church are welcome to join us.

Bob Durand & Nick Abbatangelo




A new set of instructions on how to clean the dishwasher is posted on the cabinet above the dishwasher to the right. Instructions on how to use the dishwasher are posted directly above the dishwasher on the cabinet. 



Special Offering for April

Heifer International is a non-profit, humanitarian organization dedicated to ending hunger and poverty.  Since 1944 Heifer has helped more than 12 million families through gifts of livestock and training in environmentally sound agriculture. These gifts are made possible because of our donations to Heifer.  More information can be found on the enclosed flyer.

We invite you to join us in giving generously on Sunday, April 9th.



A friend of the church has a motorized twin hospital bed (no mattress) that she would like to donate. If you know of someone who can use this item, please call the church office at 781-447-5557 and speak to Margaret.






Sunday, APRIL 2, 2017

5:00-7:00 PM

Here at



Adults & Teens $7  Children (ages 5 to 12) $5 (under 5 yrs. free)

Family $20

Tickets are available!

For more information contact the church office at (781) 447-5557


This supper is being sponsored as  a fundraiser hosted by the Confirmation Class to help offset the cost of their upcoming retreat.





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This month of April we are highlighting the Whitman Food Pantry and Heifer International Special Collections.


Information on these two programs can be found on the mission table in the fellowship hall.






Nancy McLaughlin, who for many years collected and then sent Campbell Labels to Elon Homes and Schools for Children, received a beautiful thank you note which she wanted to share with all of you who donated throughout this time.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you so much for your faithful support of the Campbell’s program. Elon Homes has benefited enormously from this program over the years. We are so disappointed they have discontinued it.

We hope people will support the children we serve in other ways such as: AmazonSmile ( or

Heartfelt thanks to you and your church.

Jane---  Elon Homes and Schools for Children