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Board Minutes

 November 12, 2019

Members present: John Travis, Christine Rodick, Angela Piccuito, Ron Dickinson, Diane Iverson & Kathy Hall

Absent: Jeanne LeBlanc

Others in attendance: Kelli McPherson, Cheryl Happeny, Cheryl Clark, Mark Iverson, Mark Hall


Opening prayer was given by Kelli McPherson


Committee Reports:


Search: discussion regarding the status of the church profile and the information that was approved at the All Church meeting. With the approval of additional funds at the November 3rd meeting, it is hoped that the Search Committee will now have the flexibility for negotiation with potential candidates. Discussion regarding the importance of sharing updates with the congregation in bulletins, the newsletter and in Wednesday Wonderings


Trustees: side door to parsonage garage has been repaired; driveway light repaired; church side door to be made more secure; fire alarm system to be checked


Treasurer: October operating $6,700, expenses $6,460, positive $240; YTD positive $20,880


Stewardship & Finance: interviewed 3 investment firms and plan to request 2nd interview with 2 of the firms


Fundraising: successful Pumpkin sales $9,170 actual sales, we keep 33% or $3,053.61 plus donations $269.60 for the total church income of $3,323.21


Bylaws: Bylaws have been reviewed and, in some instances, rewritten; recommendation is to submit the complete bylaw package to the congregation for approval at an All Church meeting with presentations prior to that with the opportunity for discussions and any questions


New Business:

Piano: an email was received regarding a possible donation of a piano to the church; it was noted the church currently has two pianos, suggestion was made to ask our organist to look at it to get her opinion as well as to ask Ann DeGrechie


Next meeting: December 17, 2019 at 7 pm at the church


Meeting adjourned: 9 pm


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December 17, 2019


Present: John Travis, Ron Dickinson, Christine Rodick, Diane Iverson, Kathy Hall

Absent: Jeanne LeBlanc, Angela Piccuito

Others in attendance: Nick Abbatangelo, Mark Hall


The meeting opened with prayer led by Christine Rodick


Minutes of November 3rd: approved

Minutes of November 12th: approved as amended


John reported that Jeanne was resigning from the Board effective immediately due to personal obligations. Members accepted Jeanne’s resignation with regret. It was noted that her knowledge and many contributions to the Board would be missed, and that she cannot be fully thanked for the many hours she has devoted to ensuring the smooth flow of information to the congregation.


Committee Reports:


Search: next meeting is January 5th following worship; there have not been any new applicants


Trustees: next meeting is January 8th; looking into a lease for a new copy machine; Marci is taking care of fire alarm system.


Stewardship & Finance: Nick reviewed the proposed budget for 2020; requested potential dates the Board could meet with the investment firm candidates


Bylaws: upcoming presentation dates are December 22nd and January 5th; handouts are available; it is hoped people will read them, and should they have any questions that they will ask them prior to the Annual meeting


Annual meeting date was confirmed to be Feb. 9, 2020 with a snow date of Feb. 16, 2020.


Next meeting: TBD as either Jan. 13th or 15th at 6pm


Meeting adjourned: 9:45pm


Right-Click on the filename below to download this image and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" The Men’s Breakfast Group will gather on Saturday, January 11th at 8 AM at  Mo’s Place in Hanson.  All men of the church are welcome.

  ~Nick Abbatangelo  


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Bud Talpey at All American Assisted Living, Hanson.  Dorothy Brundige at home; Winnie Robinson  


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Our Church Profile was updated on the UCC website to reflect the changes made possible by the Church meeting of November 3rd.  As of the beginning of the third week of December we have not received any new Ministerial Profiles. 


At our Search Committee meeting on January 5th we will discuss other avenues of looking outside the UCC for prospective Ministers.  

If anyone has any questions regarding our search for a new Minister, please contact any members of our committee.

Thank you all for your patience.

Lauretta Boyce, Chairperson

Cheryl Clark,

Mark Hall

Cheryl Happeny

Mark Iverson

Kelli MacPherson

Erin Smith

Text Box: CHURCH BYLAWS: The Bylaw Committee has finished reviewing, and, in some instances, rewriting the current church bylaws.  Many hours have been spent on this project, and we are now ready to present them to the congregation for approval at the 2020 Annual Meeting.

Printed handouts will be available downstairs at coffee hour on Sunday, December 22nd  and on Sunday, January 5th prior to the Annual Meeting. 

Please try to view one of the PowerPoint presentations, and look over the new proposal. Committee members will be available on those Sundays to answer any questions. Additionally, questions can be sent to Kathy Hall at for the Bylaw Committee to review and respond.

Bylaw Committee, 
Kathy Hall, Russ Greene, Angela Brundige, Donna Stransky & Diane Iverson

 Text Box: A WORD FROM OUR  
The deacons are available for any concerns or requests for assistance. There is a deacon of the month, but any one of us is available to help. 
Please help by notifying us if you know of anyone who is ill, has a special prayer request, needs a ride to church or would like to be visited.  We want everyone to have access to pastoral care if it is needed.
Yours in faith, Ann DeGrechie (617) 943-1629  Russ Greene  (781) 447-5047 Gail Clement  (617) 838-2842.


 Right-Click on the filename below to download this image and choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As" WHITMAN FOOD PANTRY  Now more than ever, as the weather is cold,  donations are needed to the food pantry.  Financial assistance is always welcome so please be as generous as possible.  

Items most needed at this time are Progresso Soups of all sorts!  


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Hello Everyone,


Christian Education met on Sunday, December 1, 2019. We discussed the upcoming pageant.

Advent Workshop was changed to December 8th due to the 1st being the weekend of Thanksgiving. Great turn out! Families and friends had a day full of laughter, music, fun, and lots of memories. If you missed this year do not worry there is always next year. Thanks goes out to Kathy Hall and Lauretta Boyce for organizing this important day. Thank you to those who assisted on tables: Jennifer Murphy, Kelly Lopes, Kathy Hall, Lauretta Boyce, Mr. Boyce, Mariam, Andrea Seaberg, Rachel Eaton, and Mr. Eaton who took lots of pictures. Please forgive me if I didn’t include your name in the thanks, however, please know you are important and thank you. You are all important part of the success of the day.


The Children’s Christmas Pageant was on Sunday, December 15th. The children always do an amazing job. Thank you to Rachel Eaton for organizing and directing this year’s Children’s Christmas pageant. It is always such a beautiful story. She changed up the scenery. The children did an amazing job. They are all special. My heart swells with such pride for them.


Lauretta Boyce thank you for making the HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS cake. It is so great to celebrate the birth of our savior. Did you get a piece or 2 of cake? I won’t tell.



Next year save the week of August 3rd – 6th. Vacation Bible School (VBS). DISCOUNT if paid by June 1st $10/per child or $15/per family. After June 1, 2020 price will be $10/per child or $20/per family. Register early. New registration form will be on FCC’s website and available just ask me. Let’s NOT cancel due to lack of children.


Save the Dates (please note dates may be tentative but will be confirmed closer to the event-thank you):


Jan. 26th Craft Day

March 29th Craft Day

May 3rd Craft Day

May 31st Children’s Sunday

Aug. 3-6th Vacation Bible School


The CE’s next meeting is Wednesday, January 8, 2020 at 7:00 pm– guests are welcome anytime.


WORDS TO LIVE BY: A Monthly quote: January: Let’s start the new year without fear.-----“Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Is On The Other Side Of Fear.”- George Addair



God Bless,

Donna McGlinchey

Chair of the CE