We are a committee of 7 committed individuals whose main purpose is to care for and maintain the church's properties (church and parsonage) and grounds. We currently meet the third Monday of each month (may change to suit committee members who serve a 2-year term). We set priorities for projects to be done and make regular updates of insurance policies.


We try to do as many tasks as possible ourselves or find some other church member to volunteer, thus saving many budget dollars.


We are responsible for writing vouchers to pay trustee bills, making a yearly budget, and are responsible for both the custodian and secretary.



We also get frustrated. 


Each member takes turns being Trustee of the Month which involves opening the church Sunday morning an hour or more before service time, checking that the heating system is working (cold weather); opening up and closing the elevette; sometimes removing trash for disposal; and in general we are on call for any situation or question. At the end of Fellowship time we make sure building is secure.





Don't hesitate to serve; we all have hidden talents and receive inner satisfaction knowing we are stewards of God's work.